BLUESPHERE™ : The 1st Wireless Smartphone Stand

Smartphone Stand, Cordless charging, Completely ‘Hands Free’.


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Cordless Charging
Completely ‘Hands Free’

It’s time to experience the perfect ‘hands free’ life style. You will feel an amazing comfort with built-in wireless charging function. Enjoy your contents for unlimited time.

Premium Design

Design DOES matter. Or at least, we think so. We created the Bluesphere™ to be functional, ergonomic and versatile.

One Hightech Gadget Changes Entire Bedroom Situation

Introducing, the Bluesphere Smart Supporter – the first smartphone supporting system of its kind that provides everything you need without the hassle. No need for wires, and no need to deal with readjusting your arm to prevent it from falling asleep.


Coming to Indiegogo in Feb 2019!
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Vibration-Cancelling Tech

Ordinary Supporter_____ vs ____Bluesphere Supporter

We integrated a vibration-cancelling technology. This system allows a greatest tension and cantilever load. We use special elastomer for the vibrations to disappear and create a very robust result. This allowing you the perfect phone usage experience.

Precision 3Axis Motion


The cables pass inside the stand but the three axes are still able to rotate without  any constraint. Thanks to the freedom the rotation offers you can position it wherever you want. Each of the three axes has specific shape, increasing the usage efficiency.

Built-in Wireless charger


The Blue Sphere Smart Supporter features a fast wireless charger. The  fast wireless charger can send up to 13W of power. Last generation smartphones from every brands support our integrated fast wireless charging. This make use easy and optimized for every device

Micro Mechanical System


The pipes made of high quality materials such as 60 series aluminum, S41C steel, and S45C.  Add to this we used our micro mechanics processing technology. This process allowed to have accurate cut and perfect surface finishes. Nothing to do with standard product on the market.

Multi-layered Nano Pad


The conventional phone holder pinch the phone on each sides and is not very comfortable. Another way for your phone to be held is with a magnet. Yet this method makes you have something stick on your phone and is not very pleasant to have. For those reasons, we developed our own system. A four-tier suction pad(Patent pending). 

Core Coil Technology


Inside the axis mount, the patented core coil technology(Patent pending) makes sure that the phone does not slide off and keeps it steady with where you position it.

Replaceable Charger Part


With constantly changing wireless charging technology, changing the whole supporting system can be a serious hassle. We don’t need you to go through that. With the Bluesphere, you only have to replace the charging plug to the newest version that is introduced to the market every year.

4 Types of Installing System

Type 1. Table Clamp

Type 2. Bedside Table Clip

Type 3. Wall Mount

Type 4. Stand


Coming to Indiegogo in Feb 2019!
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