The spirit Hurkins

The spirit of creator beyond a referrer

starting from an opportunity close to the life

A constant experiment and the spirit of the improvement for a well-made product

Hurkins which has been changing the paradigm of an international manufacturing business

Manufacturing process and development

User-oriented planning / design

Advanced quality control systems for the highest quality

All products are manufactured in Hurkins셲 own factory in South Korea.

Stabilized A/S system and follow-up management

Hurkins lifestyle

The lifestyle presented with understanding the customers emotions and personalities

Beyond the design of the existing smart devices and home appliances

Hurkins creating a new lifestyle due to the ongoing innovation

To remain a stylish product although time passes

Hurkins is

  • 쒕솕瑜 몢젮썙 븯吏븡怨 븳嫄몄쓬 癒쇱 二쇰룄빐 굹媛묐땲떎. 쁺떊뿉꽌 硫덉텛吏 븡怨 쁽떎쟻 쟾왂쑝濡 떎泥쒖쓣넻빐 蹂솕瑜 二쇰룄빐 굹媛덇쾬엯땲떎

    Jiuk Hur CEO
  • 쒓퀬媛앸쭔議깆쓣 理쒖슦꽑쓽 媛移섎줈 깮媛곹빀땲떎. 怨좉컼뿉寃 媛먮룞쓣 二쇰뒗 젣뭹怨 꽌鍮꾩뒪瑜 넻븯뿬 誘욧퀬 떊猶고븷 닔 엳뒗 湲곗뾽씠 릺怨좎옄 빀땲떎

    Euna Kim Design UI/UX
  • 쒖갹쓽꽦쓣 諛뷀깢쑝濡 쁺떊쓣 硫덉텛吏 븡뒿땲떎. 걡엫뾾뒗 쁺떊쓣 넻븳 媛쒖꽑맂 젣뭹깮궛쓣 誘몃옒 쟾왂쑝濡 닔由쏀븯뿬 깉濡쒖슫 媛移섏쓽 젣뭹쓣 媛쒕컻빀땲떎

    Inchel Heo Mechanical Engineer
  • "꽭긽쓣 吏곸씠뒗 옒 궗엺씠씪怨 깮媛곹빀땲떎. 엫吏곸썝媛꾩쓽 쑀뿰븳 냼넻쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 怨좉컼, 엫吏곸썝, 愿怨꾩궗, 二쇱<쓽 愿怨꾩뿉 遺議깊븿 뾾뒗 湲곗뾽臾명솕瑜 닔由쏀빐 굹媛묐땲떎"

    Jun Hyeok Kim Industrial Design