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Powerful features, more details

NEW 360 Degree Design

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Powerful Brightness, More Detail

STARLIGHTα was born by assembling a curved align making user’s eyes comfortable, a unique technology in the HurkinsInc, COB led chip which a color rendering and a luminous efficiency are furtherly upgraded, a circuit design for shock resist, and LG Chemical 18650 battery provided to the Tesla company. STARLIGHTα made by the Hurkins Inc is the outdoor lantern which gives out its light into a deeper place with a comfortable light which we could not easily see in the past, a durability of quality for military, and an efficient sensuous design

스타라이트 알파 블루단독

The  power of  light

The  light with a sense of depth

STARLIGHTα made by the Hurkins Inc represents the light with the brightness of 1400Lm. A criterion of the brightness is expressed as the Lumen, but the brightness when actually using it is determined by the tipping effect of the light and its diffusion area.
You can experience the most powerful and abundant light in a real outdoor environmentwith the light amount of a full range of the depth through the HurkinsInc’s unique curved align screen technology.


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Curved Align Screen

Light which makes user’s eyes comfortable, only available by the curved align technology

The curved align technology removes the tipping effect of the light and causes a soft polarizing diffusion when spreading an internal light by fine-tuning the level of impurities according to a curved surface when ejecting the screen. It is the lantern which can be used with keeping its user’s eyes comfortable even in a powerful brightness by evenly spreading the light from in the evening environment of low light levels at sunset to the blackness of night

스타라이트 알파 커브드스크린

Shock resist

shock resist Mechanism, strong to an external shock

The most important feature is the durability because it is used in the outside and especially during the night. It should be absolutely strong when dropping it or being externally shocked. STARLIGHTα efficiently responses to the external shock which can be frequently occurred in the outdoor environment, due to the equipped durability by obtaining the quality for the military (more than 5000times drop-tests repeated for an impact test)


360 Degree Design

The completely new 360 degree design

STARLIGHTα made by the Herkins Inc is a product born by focusing on principles and mechanisms. It is equipped with the only function of a three-dimensional investigation in the world, which shines anywhere you want, by combining the aluminum unibody for enhanced refinement, a hanger of the 360 degree, a liner sliding holder, and a rotating body of the 360 degree. It adds the dignity of camping with a beautiful 360 design when seeing and investigating the light in either direction

3D Adjustable

‘3D Adjustable’ The patented function

STARLIGHTα is equipped with the only function of a three-dimensional investigation in the world, which shines anywhere you want, by combining an inter-link of the 360 degree, the liner sliding holder, and the rotating body of the 360 degree. It shines anywhere you want with two-way moving by using a horizontal rotation by the inter-link, a vertical rotation by a body of the 360 degree, and the line sliding holder.

3차원조사 기능설명


Top-grade Battery

The 18650 LI-ION rechargeable battery of genuine LG Chemical was used, applied with the technology of separation membrane for enhancing SRS stability that is provided to electric cars of the Tesla Company. It obtained a stable and long usage time by being equipped with the function of auxiliary battery, a high energy conversion rate, and a power control system which efficiently increases a stable discharge voltage

* A low-priced battery causes problems in the stability, the risk of explosion, a maximum charge amount, and the usage time.


Special feeling

A premium finishing for the special feeling

We accomplished the unprecedented finishing of products with the unibody aluminum, a stainless bar, and an external treatment of an emotional feeling. It is a portable product to be carried in the pocket as a compact design, available to grab by one hand and can be used as a hand torch by using its sliding bar to the handle. STARLIGHTα which utilized ergonomic curved lines was delicately designed by considering the smallest details for better usability and feeling.




SIZE W62 X L89 X H129 (mm)

Brightness(LM) 20 ~ 1400LM

LED LG Innotek Top Grade Package 

Color Blue / Red

Battery LG Chem 18650
 Blue : 13,000mAh
Red : 7,800mAh

Usage Time Blue : 8 ~ 250Hrs
Red : 5 ~ 155Hrs

Charging time Blue : 2A About 6hrs


Red : 2A About 4hrs

Weight blue : 385g
Red : 315g

Light Color(option) Warm White
Cool White

Input DC 5V , Micro 5pin USB

Output DC 5V 1.1A

Materials Alluminium, Stainless, PP

Manufacturer Hurkins

Country of Manufacture Made in Korea


Size W150 X L110 X H70 (mm)

Weight 50g

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