Partnerships and high-volume purchases of B2B

We will provide best services and advantages to the corporation and the organization which want the products’ high-volume purchases or the partnerships.

Corporate promotions, giveaways for the customers, OEM production, gifts for the employees, the business of a local government, and for other mass consumption.

Inquiry for the partnerships

Customer Center: 1522-1885 (Connect to number 3 in the inside of a menu)

  • 1. A phone consultation/E-mail consultation

    You need to let us know about the products and their quantity that you want to purchase, and the products’ related information we need to know, through the phone and the e-mail.

  • 2. Product proposals /Delivery of the product’s estimate

    We will deliver the proposals and the estimate of purchasing the products that you ask for the information to you.

  • 3. Purchase agreement

    The purchase agreement is made if the type, the quantity and the estimate of the products are determined under mutual understanding.

  • 4. Product development and Sample production

    The development and the sample production about the products that the agreement is made will be delivered to you.

  • 5. Production and Delivery

    Once you confirm the sample, the production and the delivery will be progressed.