Mechanism that its intention is not changed over time. We have an idea that our products remain not old-fashioned but stylish if we are faithful to our products’ functional part. Hurkins focuses on interesting principles and mechanisms to complete a single product that can remain its stylish, beyond a current new lifestyle, when looking back over time
Hurkins creating a new lifestyle due to the ongoing innovation
Hurkins Inc produces the products on the basis of customer trust. The communication between Hurkins and its customers contains Hurkins’s spirit and desire for creating a new lifestyle by innovating after breaking the existing mold and completing until we satisfies the products that we planned and designed by ourselves.
Beyond the design of the existing smart devices and home appliances
We believe that the product’s utility is that the lifestyle, from the moment of first contact with the product to actually use the product with feeling its touch, is linked to the satisfaction of the emotions. We start from understanding these small details, apply that to the products’ design, and then manufacture the products. Respecting the customer’s values is a philosophy that we should continue to keep for manufacturing the products of having better utility
The lifestyle presented with understanding the customers’ emotions and personalities
Hurkins, which has been manufacturing the products with looking at an ordinary life pattern in a new way, are intended to make a challenge for overcoming standards and limits defined by ourselves. We will become the company living together in the customers’ life by respecting our users’ life patterns, understanding each emotion and personality, and providing the designs, production capabilities, and services of the products