Total Lighting Solution

One portable Bluetooth Smart Lamp

GYRE is the high technology compatible light device that provides amazingly powerful lighting(1600 Lumen and 1600m colors) and endless light effects. With its intuitive rotary dial and button control, switch between 7 different modes to find and adjust the light that perfectly meets your lighting needs. Whether you require a functional light for camping, mood light to relax at home, or party lighting to turn your next get-together into a rager, GYRE will show you the light.


One Smart Lamp

BIG Change

Whether to provide mood or functionality, light plays an essential role in our daily lives. Yet, even though there are countless lighting options, why is it so hard to find a powerful portable lighting device? It’s about time to deliver a light source that perfectly satisfy your needs wherever you are.


HD LED Lighting

1600Lm Brightness

1600m Colors

Main LED PCB capably integrates 24 LEDs to maximise brightness up to 1600LM power. Also RGB PCB capably integrates 4 GRB LED. 6 LEDs. RGB’s are carefully placed for uniform light difussion


7 Different modes

The ultimate device

of every lighting needs

Whether you require a functional light for camping, mood light to relax at home, or party lighting to turn your next get-together into a rager, GYRE will show you the light.


Bluetooth 4.0 Control

Smart app control

with Hurkins Application

Install the GYRE mobile application on any smart phone or tablet (iOS and Android) and pair via bluetooth to gain full control over all of Gyre’s functions


Shade Case


shade case

The attachable shade case transforms GYRE into a lamp and also works as a protective case. Whether as a bedside lamp, a reading lamp on your night stand, or mood lighting for a romantic dinner the shade case extends the range of light for the scene light. Simply attach the shade case to the top of Gyre and lift up the shade.


Neodymium Magnet

The most useful

lighting device ever

A built-in neodymium magnet allows Gyre to be attached to any metallic surface.

Gyre Band

Gyre band that hang

for themselves

Use the Gyre band to hang light from anywhere. Capable of 360-degree rotation, shine light in any direction.

Dual Dial Switch

Revolutionary new way to

use your light

GYRE, refers to a circular or spiral form, which evokes GYRE’s intuitive rotating dual dial switch.



7Days long last for

just 1 recharge

Gyre long last 10~250 hours with one recharge. You can enjoy with GYRE from monday to sunday with one charge on average. Gyre also  uses safety-reinforced separator technology(SRS) which prevents from overheating.


Quck Recharge

USB-C /Micro 5-pin
Dual USB ports

Gyre provides high power with 5V/2.1A which enables fast recharge time. Its power control system that supports high energy convertibility and effectively increases discharge voltage provides enhanced stability as well as extended time of use.


Power Bank

Smart Dyas

with power bank function

USB-C cable reduces the recharge time and can act as a portable powerbank, Gyre recharges other personal devices powered via USB-C cable including smart phones, tablet PCs and Bluetooth controlled devices.


Beautiful Inside

Impact proof technology

Layer separating design

GYRE’s  layer separating design efficiently separates and circulates internal heat which prevents overheating. It also enhances circuit safety and durability by preventing wires from getting tangled.




Size W63 X H135 (mm)

Brightness(LM) 20 ~ 1600LM


colors Slate Gray, Coral Pink

Battery LG Chem 18650

Time 13,000mAh : 8 ~ 250hrs
7,800mAh : 5 ~ 160hrs

Recharging Time 13,000mAh : 2A about 6hrs


7,800mAh : 2A about 4hrs

weight 13,000mAh : 380g
7,800mAh : 290g

RGB color 1600m colors

Input DC 5V , 2A/ USB-C, Micro5pin USB

Output DC 5V 2.1A

Materials Aluminium, Stainless Steel, PP

Manufactured by Hurkins Co.,Ltd.

Manufactured in Made in Korea)


W93 X H181 (mm)SHADE MODE W93 X H308 (mm)

Weight 500g