Introduction of the company

Hurkins is introducing products to create a utility through the ongoing development of consumer products as the manufacturing company of smart devices and home appliances. We are securing the system and the ability to quickly respond to a change and lead the trend of the world’s consumer goods market by continuously taking the head in the products’ utility. We will be improving as a value through the best products to customers, the maximization of business value to shareholders, and a fair compensation to employees.

Vision/Core Value


Hurkins never stop innovating on the basis of creativity. We are planning to become a global company by establishing a future plan about the improved products’ manufacturing through a constant innovation.


Hurkins will continue to go a few steps in advance of other companies, without being afraid of change. We want to become Hurkins Inc driving change through the implement of a realistic strategy without being stopped in the innovation.



Hurkins thinks that a customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to become the company that the customers can believe and trust through the products and the services which makes an impression to them.



Relationships play a very important role in the company. Hurkins Inc is planning to establish the company culture enough for the relationships between the customers, employees, affiliates, and shareholders.


Human Resources

Hurkins Inc thinks that the human resources are the force to make the world go round. We are going to fully engage ourselves with an attitude to respect and learn each other on the basis of a flexible communication among the employees.